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We have the solutions, competencies and experience to create a centralized repository of disparate documents, which is relevant for many areas and industries. By law, most documents must be kept for 3 to 5 years. We offer to digitize and store them electronically.
Documents Upload
Documents Upload
Software and hardware solutions are used to perform scanning, digitizing, recognition, verification and import of data into the electronic archive.
At the stage of document recognition, fields are set for their cataloging. All archival and current documents are sent to the appropriate sections of the directory, which are created and modified by the administrator.
Quick search
Quick search
Our software platform is designed to take into account heavy workloads on weak servers. This means that customers do not have problems with the speed of obtaining a document.

Reliability and security

  • Secure storage of documents due to the availability of backup and data recovery systems
  • Eliminate wear or loss of original paper documents
  • Ensuring the integrity of information, including the ability to store all versions of documents
  • Encryption
  • Regulation of access rights to documents
  • Ability to restore and view archived remote documents
  • Registration and storage of all actions with a specific document (who, when and what actions were performed)
  • Protection against unauthorized access to documents, intentional or accidental destruction of information

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