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Optimal personnel management is achieved by identifying the positive and negative motives of individuals and groups in the organization and the appropriate stimulation of positive motives and "repayment" of negative motives, as well as the analysis of such influences. And information systems help in this.
Personnel accounting
Personnel accounting
The solution allows you to automate the process of organizing personnel accounting and payroll in companies of any level and industry. Our decisions meet the requirements of the state.

The main functionality

The system allows you to automate any personnel operations in the organization: hiring, transfer, dismissal, sick leave, vacation, business trip and others. The personal file of the company's employees is supported, as well as the management of the status of individuals, which is used to identify different groups of people (for example, a candidate, employee, civil servant, former employee, employee etc.). The set of supported personnel operations can be easily expanded according to the specifics.
Allows you to create and change (plan) an unlimited number of organizational structures of the organization, as well as maintain the existing structure (staffing). The organizational structure is presented in the form of a hierarchy of organizational units, which can be a company, structural unit or position. Each such unit can be associated with a set of arbitrary indicators (for example, job descriptions, score of the position, indicators of its payment - the budget of the position, work schedule for this position, vacancies and other indicators).
The subsystem allows you to configure any number of schedules of working time and changes, both for the day and for the period. You will be able to keep a calendar of holidays, automatically generate a working calendar, both for the whole company and for individual employees, automatically calculate the working time for each reporting period, as well as take into account all deviations in the timesheet. The module also provides the ability to plan working hours - vacations, overtime, take into account their use, as well as compensation. A balance of different categories of working time is maintained and standard reporting is provided.
The subsystem allows you to keep an unlimited number of accruals and deductions, collect data for wages from the personal file of the employee and his report card, as well as to organize a parallel calculation of wages in several currencies. It is possible to perform recalculations for previous periods, the formation of payment statements, as well as information on payments to employees and third parties. It is possible to automatically receive standard salary reports. The module generates cost data that can be transferred to external accounting systems.
Staff efficiency
Staff efficiency
The solution allows you to automate the process of organizing personnel accounting and payroll in companies of any level and different industries.

The main features of the system

Management of the goals of the organization can take place only by translating the goals to the level of an individual employee, and setting goals to the employee can only happen on the basis of having a set of certain competencies that will achieve this goal. The system allows you to describe the goals of each employee of the organization and evaluate the achievement of goals with a certain frequency. The evaluation results are displayed through the "Evaluation" function. It is supported to link the goals of the entire organization with the goals of each department and the goals of the department with the goals of each employee of this department.
У системі описуються профілі посад і відповідності їм компетенцій та кваліфікацій. Для посади рівень кожної компетенції задається в залежності від специфіки цієї посади й цілей, що стоять перед конкретним департаментом. Модуль адміністрування призначений для гарантування надійності збереження інформації, її актуальності та достовірності, забезпечення надійності бази даних та її готовності до роботи.

The level of competence of the employee can be assessed with a certain frequency (for example, simultaneously with the assessment of the achievement of its goals). Thus, the System can help determine why the employee did not achieve the goals: due to insufficient level of competencies (they can be developed through training), or for other reasons.

The system allows you to constantly and effectively monitor the work of staff, each employee, identify the most promising and find the least effective employees. Based on the results of personnel evaluation, the use of the System also allows to analyze the missing competencies for the development of appropriate training programs for individual groups of employees.

The system significantly facilitates the formation of the personnel reserve by comparing the competencies of positions and the competencies of candidates for the position, as well as in the selection of candidates for the position.

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