IT consulting

The service is a project-oriented activity that is related to information support of business processes and allows you to give an independent expert assessment of the effectiveness of the use and / or choice of information technology. On request, we will provide an assessment of your current information system and advise on how it can be improved.
Smart choice
Smart choice
Automation of business processes makes the company more profitable. After all, information technology allows you to make business more visible, more manageable, more predictable. However, what technologies should be used in each case? The answer to this question for the manager must be justified both from a technical and financial point of view.
Flexible approach
Flexible approach
Softline IT consulting is a real opportunity to get professional help to solve a specific problem, as well as answers to questions from an experienced consultant. There are several ways to use IT consulting: it can be either a one-time help to solve a problem or as a separate consulting project, or as part of one of our services.

Optimal Choice

The IT consulting service contains recommendations for optimizing the cost of implementing information technology, improving the efficiency of the company's business processes, as well as manageability, transparency of the organization by creating a single infrastructure.

Softline specialists carry out refactoring (changing the internal structure of the software to facilitate understanding of the code and make it easier to make further changes without changing the external behavior of the system itself) or offer to develop a new solution.


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