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Softline deals with the full range of Internet technologies: from web design to turnkey industrial solutions for government agencies, businesses, banks, insurance and investment companies.

Thanks to the wide range of technologies used, we can offer you online solutions that will fully meet your needs in terms of functionality, quality and value.

We offer several solutions, depending on the specifics of the client's business for external sites and portals. Also among our competencies is the development and implementation of internal portals, which greatly facilitates communication in the organization.

Softline offers corporate sites and information-analytical systems developed in PHP and one of the popular CMS-systems of the customer's choice (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc.). Such projects have a relatively low cost. Convenient development environment and protection system provide a simple opportunity to effectively present image products, their activities, thematic materials.
For clients whose projects have to withstand high loads, we offer portals managed by CMS-systems developed on an open source platform for high-performance network applications - Node.js (JavaScript). Node.js provides the ability to execute JavaScript scripts on the server and send the user the result of their execution.
For organizations where security policies require a particularly high degree of protection, our specialists develop portal solutions based on their own CMS-system Megapolis.Portal Manager (written in Java). Portal Manager meets the security requirements for government agencies for the disclosure, publication of government information, in accordance with applicable law.


To visually reproduce the site, we use a number of tools, the most important of which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is responsible for presenting the code to users in a clear and familiar way. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) offers great opportunities to improve styles (colors, backgrounds, blocks, etc.) Javascript makes user interaction with the site faster and more interesting with slides, endless scrolling and many other effects. A number of other elements and frameworks (SAAS, LESS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Ember etc.) are used in conjunction with this "big three" to make work much easier.


A backend is a set of tools for managing a portal. The backend code interacts with the database (using SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostrgeSQL, and so on). After that, the information is returned to the user in the form of a frontend code. Do you do online shopping? Subscribe to the newsletter? Are you editing content on the page? Whatever operation you perform, the backend code is responsible for it, namely: the information is updated, changed or deleted. Softline develops custom solutions using the Full Stack Javascript Framework of its own development - UnityBase. It allows you to implement projects on a national scale, as it can withstand significant loads.

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